The MP-2 offers exclusive Rotochopper features in a compact and nimble grinder.

With the MP-2, we’ve cut the weight and size without cutting the advantages our customers have come to trust—particle size control, versatility, horsepower efficiency, reliability, and maintenance simplicity.

Scaled Down, Not Stripped Down

  • Standard on-board simultaneous grind & color system
  • Gap-less infeed transition
  • Slab ramp adjustable shear plane
  • Aggressive powerfeed roller with serrated traction plates
  • Cam lock screen change system and full access doors

The MP-2 can be towed with a 2-ton truck and is scaled to the needs of small pallet shops, tree care companies, municipal yard waste collection sites, and colored mulch start-ups.

Thanks to the unique Rotochopper infeed design and patented colorizer system, the MP-2 can convert a wide range of raw materials—wood chips, pallets, sorted C & D, slabwood—into premium colored landscape mulch.

Simplify. Diversify.

With the MP-2, simplifying your grinding equipment goes hand in hand with diversifying your fiber market opportunities. As the only wood grinder with a standard on-board colorizer, the MP-2 is two machines in one efficient platform. Like every Rotochopper horizontal grinder, the MP-2 is designed to minimize the number of machines and steps required to produce premium landscape mulch and other engineered fibers.

Compare the MP-2 to other compact grinders, and you’ll see that simplicity doesn’t have to mean simplistic and inflexible. Simplicity in grinding equipment begins by listening to customers goals and understanding premium fiber markets.

Simplifying your grinding operation with the MP-2 means limiting the costs of producing finished materials, rather than limiting your market potential. We scaled down the size and horsepower without removing the features that let you turn waste materials into premium fiber commodities.

Exclusive Features. Exclusive Results.

Like every Rotochopper horizontal grinder, the MP-2 offers quick, easy access to the rotor teeth and sizing screens. One operator can change screens at ground level using only the integrated screen change equipment. You get a set of access doors for swapping screens and inspecting the grinding chamber, not just a narrow slot on the side of the machine like some compact grinders. The digital controller lets the operator independently fine tune the powerfeed roller and infeed conveyor settings to match raw material consistency. The standard on-board colorizer lets you produce landscape mulch with the color, size, and texture that consumers demand. For other finished products, the colorizer system can simply apply water to control dust.

Compact and Quick

The MP-2 can be towed with a two-ton truck and is ready to operate in just minutes. This combination of versatility and portability lets operators quickly switch between raw materials, end products, and operating locations. No other compact grinder offers this kind of end product control, and no compact grinder opens more opportunities for your raw materials.



  • Length: 35′
  • Height: 12′
  • Width: 8′ 3
  • Weight: approx. 26,500 lbs.

Power Supply

  • 275 – 350 HP Diesel
  • 80 gallon fuel capacity
  • PT Tech micro processor engaged clutch

Additional Specifications

Feed System

  • 56″ W x 18″ H infeed clearance
  • 56″ W x 16′ L heavy duty steel belt infeed conveyor
  • 32″ diameter x 56″ W power feed roller
  • Hydraulic powerfeed down pressure
  • Engine load regulated feed rates

Conveyor Discharge

  • 48″ W with 10′ dump height


  • Magnetic head pulley
  • Reversing radiator fan

Grinding Chamber

  • 26″ diameter x 56″ W rotor
  • 4.25″ diameter rotor shaft
  • Choice of tooth mount styles and placement patterns
  • Shear pin protected screen installation system
  • Grinding chamber direct injection water manifold
  • Water pump and on-board water tank (standard)
  • Color pump (standard)


  • 20,000 lbs. axle
  • Pintle hitch
  • Air brakes
  • Retractable bumper

* All weights are approximate and vary with configurations and options