RT 400


Our carrier for heavy accessory equipment and heavy clearing equipment

As a powerful carrier for heavy accessory equipment with a power take-off shaft, the RT 400 is designed for heavy forestry operations.


We sell the RT 400 with the UZM 700, the RF 1000 or H 600 as standard. The high efficiency of the mechanical drive train and the low center of gravity guarantee maximum productivity in any terrain.

Our customers have trusted us for years – we have already sold over 140 machines of this type in the entire world.

Technical Data

  • Engine power [HP] 402

  • Engine model Deuz TCD 2015

  • Maximum speed [Km/h] 5,5 

  • Weight [Kg] With mulcher (without mulcher )20270 (16000)

  • Drive dimension D5H

  • Width of the standard base plate \[mm]600

  • Ground pressure [Kg/cm²]0,61 (600mm)1

  • Climbing ability Uphill/sideways \[degree]45° / 30°

  • Vehicle dimensions incl. mulcher (length X width X height) In mm4825 X 3240 X 2750

  • Note


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