T 360

T360: Forestry Mulcher & Hydra-Stumper

The T360 is a powerful forestry machine that is designed to be equipped with either a stump cutter or forestry mower/mulcher. It’s powered by a 360 hp Cummins QSM11 engine that produces peak power of 385 hp and peak torque of 1,350 foot-pounds. A closed loop hydrostatic system powers the cutter head, sending 140 gallon per minute to the attachment’s drive motor(s). Rayco’s exclusive elevated cooling design keeps engine and hydraulic systems cool in even the harshest of conditions. Debris screens trap airborne chaff before it can plug radiator fins. Reversing fans clear debris screens on-command, extending service intervals. Inside the cab, the operator is kept comfortable in the fully-sealed and climate controlled environment. Onboard diagnostic and monitoring information is provided through a color LCD panel, allowing the operator to track numerous aspects of machine performance and operation.

The T360 can be equipped with either a Hydra Stumper stump cutter attachment or a Predator forestry mower/mulcher. The Hydra Stumper head muscles through stumps with its 48”diameter x 3” thick cutter wheel equipped with 56 Monster Tooth cutter tools. For mowing/mulching applications, the Predator mulcher head has a 8-ft cutting width and is powered by a pair of variable displacement drive motors.

The cabs are climate controlled and sealed from dust and debris to maintain operator comfort. Operators appreciate the high-backed, heated seat with adjustable armrests and air-ride suspension. For safety, the cab is certified to meet ROPS, FOPS, and OPS specifications and is equipped with a roof-top escape hatch. LED lighting facing front, sides and rearward. A backup camera enhances rearward visibility.


  • 360 hp Cummins QSM11 Diesel Engine

  • Rayco-Exclusive Elevated Cooling System

  • Reversing Fan for Upper Coolers

  • Heavy-Duty Undercarriage

  • Remote Track Tension System w/Tension Monitor

  • 2-Speed Ground Travel

  • Hydraulic Rear Winch

  • Hydraulic Cab Tilt

  • Certified ROPS/FOPS/OPS Cab

  • Rear View Camera

  • Heated Seat w/Air-Ride Suspension

  • Roof-Top Escape Hatch

  • High-Output LED Work Lights

  • Color LCD Display to Monitor Engine and Hydraulic Functions

  • Dual-Drive Predator Mulcher Head w/Variable Displacement Motors

  • Hydra-Stumper Stump Cutter Head w/48” Diameter Monster Tooth Wheel

Quick Specs

  • Weight Of Carrier With Winch 33,200 lb 15,059 kg

  • Overall Length Of Carrier 183" 465 cm

  • Height 127" 322 cm

  • Overall Width Of Carrier 112" 284 cm

  • Engine 360 hp (rated), 385 hp (peak) Cummins 268 kw (rated), 287 kw (peak)Cummins 

  • Fuel Type Diesel

  • Track Shoe28" Double Grouser 700 mm Double Grouser

  • Ground Pressure With Winch And Mulcher 5.41 psi 37.3 kPa 

  • Ground Pressure With Winch And Hydra-Stumper 5.31 psi 36.6 kPa

  • Travel Speed - High/Low3.7 mph / 2.0 mph 5.95 km/h / 3.22 km/h

  • Predator Mulcher Head Model FM360-8FM360-8

  • Weight7,200 lbs 3,266 kg

  • Overall Width 112" 284.5 cm

  • Cutting Width 91.25" 232 cm

  • Hydra-Stumper Model CB360CB360

  • Weight 6,500 lb2,950 kg

  • Cutter Wheel 48" x 3" 122 cm x 7.6 cm

  • Cutter Width 9'2.74 m

  • Cutting Depth 37"94 cm

  • Cutting Height 8'-10" 2.7 m

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